Packaging overprinting

Overprinting or faculty to adapt ...

Strategic coding or the right to make mistakes...

The major part of the requests for overprinting at the present time goes on the correction of errors (addition or masking of information).It should be noted that we turn more and more to re-printing in order to minimize stocks of finished products and be able to respond to your urgent requests by working "just in time".

Assets of re-printing

More profitable and faster than remanufacturing; overprinting makes it possible to print or to erase directly on empty packaging all kinds of information. Materials on which re-printing is possible: boxes, packs, pick-up packs, flat cardboard, polypropylene cases, PVC cards, bags, labels, flexible packaging.

To reconfigure your packaging to your own standards

Re-printing process makes it possible to add, mask, code, correct, number, embossing, to print bar codes (Gencod, EAN 13, code CIP, code Data Matrix, etc...), to modify prices, to prolong dates, to add texts in foreign languages, to amend numbers of batch, to add a modification recommended by Marketing, to transform perfume boxes for sale into tester boxes, and to conform to the directives, amendments and more generally with the Legislation.

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